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Join the 74K Challenge: Embark on Your Enlightened Life Journey with Sri Amma Bhagavan

A 30-Day Challenge to Take the Step that Will Transform Your Life into One without Struggle!

Are you ready to take the leap towards enlightenment and transformation? We're excited to introduce the 74K Challenge: an extraordinary opportunity to participate in the life-changing "Enlightened Life Now" program led by the living avatar, Sri Amma Bhagavan.

Discover the Path to Enlightenment: Imagine a year-long journey guided by an enlightened avatar, designed to lead you towards a life of profound transformation and spiritual growth. The Enlightened Life Now program offers a unique chance to experience the gifts of enlightenment through the teachings of Sri Amma Bhagavan.

Who is Sri Amma Bhagavan?

Sri Amma Bhagavan is a living avatar renowned for their ability to transmit enlightenment to seekers. Their divine presence and teachings have uplifted countless lives, fostering deep spiritual insights and lasting transformation. By joining the program, you gain direct access to their wisdom and guidance.

What Does the Program Include?

When you sign up for the 74000 Deeksha Yajna: Enlightened Life Now program, you're embarking on a journey that includes an array of enriching experiences:

1. Monthly Meetings with Sri Amma Bhagavan: Connect with the avatar during monthly meetings, where you'll receive powerful blessings and guidance directly from them.

2. Monthly Full Moon Enlightenment Process: Experience the magic of the full moon as you partake in a special process that amplifies your spiritual growth.

3. Monthly Q&A Sessions with Indian Guides: Engage in enlightening discussions during Q&A sessions with experienced guides from India.

4. Weekly Transformation Sessions with Soma: Prepare for peak states of transformation through weekly sessions led by Soma.

5. Daily Prayers and Rituals by Monks: Benefit from daily prayers and rituals performed by monks in India, amplifying the energy and intention of your journey.

6. Community Forums on Telegram: Connect with fellow participants, share insights, and engage in discussions within the vibrant community forums on Telegram.

Online Journey, No Experience Needed:

Whether you're new to spirituality or seeking to deepen your existing practice, the 74k Deeksha Yajna: Enlightened Life Now program welcomes all seekers. This unique opportunity is offered entirely online, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your own space, no matter where you are in the world.

Invest in Your Transformation:

The cost of the year-long 74k Deeksha Yajna: Enlightened Life Now program is $625. This investment paves the way for a year of growth, enlightenment, and meaningful connections within the spiritual community.

Are You Ready to Embrace Enlightenment?

The 74K Challenge beckons you to step into a life of greater awareness, joy, and transformation. Seize this opportunity to learn directly from an enlightened avatar and become a part of a global community that's embarking on the same journey towards higher consciousness.

Join the Challenge Today:

Visit our website to learn more and sign up for the Enlightened Life Now program. Your journey towards an enlightened life begins now!

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