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Awaken to a Life of Harmony and Joy

with Deeksha Yajna - Divine Blessings

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You likely are familiar with that feeling of an ongoing yearning for something more, a sense that there's a deeper reality just beyond your grasp. This yearning is an inner call, beckoning you towards a life of greater fulfillment and connection. A life free from suffering - sadness, fear, disappointment, heartache and anger.


The Deeksha Yajna - Living in a Higher Consciousness program offers a sacred journey designed to awaken you to your full potential. It's a space where wisdom, awareness and spirit converge, answering the call and weaving a tapestry of profound transformation.


This mystical journey isn't about blind faith or escaping reality. It's about transcending the limitations of the physical world and embracing the vastness of your being. As you delve deeper, the "veil of illusion" thins, revealing the luminous threads that connect the seen and unseen. It's like peering behind the curtain of the universe, experiencing the interconnectedness of all things.


Your heart becomes a portal, a gateway where the earthly and the divine commune in a harmonious dance. This dance isn't a fleeting experience; it's a profound shift in perception, a recognition of the "oneness" that permeates all existence. The boundaries between physical and non-physical soften, revealing the true essence of reality.

Awaken Your Indwelling Power

√   Journey into a Higher Consciousness: Embrace a journey of deep discovery while releasing unconscious conditioning that prevents you from moving into higher consciousness.

√   Empower Your Transformation: A sacred phenomenon powerfully transforms your state of consciousness through blessings, insights and internal shifts.

√   Become a Beacon of Light:  As you live in higher states of consciousness your state will uplift, nurture, and elevate the consciousness of those around you.

√  Enjoy Personal Fulfillment:  Increase your ability to achieve your goals and live with ease.


Living in a Higher Consciousness IS NOT an ordinary program. It's an invitation to embrace the boundless potential of your consciousness. 

Don't let this extraordinary opportunity pass you by.  Join with thousands around the world here to make an impact in their lives and the world. Thousands come together globally for the Deeksha Yajna each month.  Become a member of  the Deeksha Yajna - Living in a Higher Consciousness program.

The time for making a differece is now! Become a global change maker today! The world needs you! Make the decision and join the global enlightened community!



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In the whispers of ancient tales, we hear of Avatars – celestial messengers descending from higher realms, taking on human form to ignite profound change.

Today, in our midst, two such Avatars walk amongst us: Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan. They stand in unity with a timeless force, a symphony of enlightened beings spanning ages past. Each one, a facet of a divine diamond, contributes to a transformative energy pulsating with ancient wisdom and forgotten truths.

Within this cosmic embrace lies a power unspoken, an alchemy of change. It promises a Golden Age where suffering fades and hearts find solace in harmony, love, and boundless compassion.

To bask in this divine light is to be touched by grace, nudged towards our own inherent divinity. It is to surrender to a love that knows no bounds, healing the wounds of separation and fostering unity among all beings.

As we open ourselves to its presence, transformation unfurls. Fear gives way to compassion, discord to peace, and illusion to remembrance.


We can choose to be vessels overflowing with this compassionate light, radiating its warmth, wisdom, and love. As we are enlightened, together, we can usher in the Golden Age, where humanity awakens to its true essence – a life of harmony, love, and radiant peace.


Our assignment - to bridge the gap between illusion and truth, suffering and joy. The Avatars lead the way, piercing the veil of ignorance with luminous rays of guidance. They help us to shed our masks and embrace our authentic selves, co-creating a future of Oneness with all life.

Within each of us lies the spark of the Divine, awaiting awakening. Join this magnificent journey home to a life overflowing with joy, love, and the peace where we are Living in a Higher State of Consciousness.


Become a Catalyst for Change

The Living in a Higher Consciousness program will launch you on a journey that makes it possible for you to receive the gift of enlightenment. Yes, that’s right.  Enlightenment is a gift.  Its hallmarks are:


  • the end of suffering

  • awakening to bliss

  • cessation of the inner dialogue

  • experiencing causeless love and limitless joy

  • the end of the illusion of separation and division

  • living undisturbed in acceptance of what is


Your awakened heart becomes a bridge and catalyst for positive change in the lives of those you cherish - family, friends and colleagues. In fact, a fully enlightened person affects the consciousness of 100,000 people.  

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