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Awakening into the Golden Age 3-Day Course

Take a powerful 3-day journey of learning the sacred teachings and wisdom from living Spiritual Avatars Sri Amma Bhagavan. This rare live Online Event allows you to undergo a deep inner journey of healing and awakening while in the comfort of your own home. 


Spiritual Awakening

Undergo powerful processes to shift your consciousness into a state of deep inner freedom.


Divine Connection

Awaken and Deepen the Connection to your Higher Sacred Self. Live a Life of Miracles and Grace.


Global Transformation

Join a sacred family of 74,000 thousand spiritual beings across the globe who are working together towards the awakening of humanity. Get initiated as a Happiness Meditator, empowering you with the ability to help others shift in consciousness.


Abiding Inner Silence

2020-08-22 Leilani Profile Photo cropped_edited.jpg
Leilani I.
Los Angeles,  CA

Thank you very much for these new 3-day courses! They were fabulous before and now they are even more amazing!!! I have always had mystical experiences but what I love the most is that I no longer have any suffering or conflict. There is a significant change in the "before" and "after." There is simply abiding inner silence, peace, joy for no reason and love.


There could be physical symptoms or circumstances that arise that need attention, but there is no story about it, and therefore the next solution or step arises clearly.  I feel guided all the time, and magically, support and resources show up in amazing ways. Relationships and circumstances that used to cause me pain have turned into joyful interactions. I am in awe daily and I am deeply grateful for these courses. 

Powerful Thoughts

Lauren B.
Lindon, UT


Throughout the course I felt Amma Bagavan's presence very strongly and received their guidance. It was very beautiful! During the last process, I felt myself melt into a  very relaxed state where I was unable to move my body. Then I began experiencing intense waves of incredible bliss.  I was shown various things in my life and future. 


Since the course, I can see and understand the activity and motivation of the mind; also how my  thoughts  impact others. I can experience everything more  deeply and intensely - like looking at the clouds, or watching the trees swaying in the wind, or playing with my 6 year old.  I experience them much more fully and completely than before!

Field of Grace

Robert Bearden_edited_edited.jpg
Robert B.
San Francisco, CA

So very grateful to Sri Amma Bhagavan for reaching out through these powerful courses and keeping us growing through their intimate presence and powerful intercession. Divine intervention and Divine vision are so needed right now. The 3-day online courses feel as powerful as being in person with Sri Amma and Bhagavan. The field of Grace is unmistakable, and the results are lasting. 


These courses awaken one to a sense of Oneness, inner-connection, and share steps to create a life of joy. I love the changes I have experienced in consciousness, since first attending a 3- day course in 2018 and again since. They seem to get stronger each time. If you are called to upgrade your consciousness, then this 3-day course provides the needed platform for lasting transformation.



Heart Cracked Open

Astrid Richardson_edited.jpg
Astrid R.
Washington, DC

I’m so very grateful to The Great Compassionate Light, Sri Amma Bhagavan for the Divine love, grace, and support to liberate us all from suffering. The 3-day course processes have cracked open my heart and I can feel everyone much more than ever before. The mind is there but I’m less identified with it. Instead of judging, I’m happy to let this process continue to unfold and loving the experience. Others have described it as “delicious” and I completely agree! There’s a delicious warmth inside for which I’m so grateful! Thank you, Tejasaji, and all who made this course possible. What a precious gift!

Health Issues Healed

IMAGE 2021-08-12 09_31_31_edited.jpg
Deanna V.
Vancouver, CAN

After attending the new 3-day, there are miracles in all areas of my life, with things manifesting rapidly and often instantly including financial. Chronic health issues from years have been healed. Living in a state of Joy, peace and contentment, beautifully flowing with life as it is in the moment. There is a renewed passion for life and a deeper, richer connection and harmony in all my relationships.

The Divine is now present in a physical tangible way and my faith and trust has become as a "Mountain". . . unmovable, unshakeable. 


Eternal Gratitude to Beloved Sri Amma Bhagavan.

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