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A Powerful Step
Love, Joy, Bliss

A life-changing 3-hour online course

What if your your entire being

could ring with bliss

and happiness . . .

in just a few hours?

Would you say yes?


With masses of people suffering from anxiety, depression, and a breakdown of relationships, we need a shift into a higher frequency. Our bodies are yearning for the health benefits of this nourishing gift, too.


Wanting happiness and holding a mindset to be happy is great, but in times of exhaustion or overwhelm, mindsets crumble because they take great effort to maintain. 


There is a force greater than mindsets which is capable of giving you an effortless and vibrant joy. We call this inner state of causeless joy and causeless bliss by it's ancient Sanskrit name — Ananda!


The state of Ananda is not a mindset. The state of Ananda is a living consciousness and we want you to receive this state.


Receive the GIFT

of limitless happiness


your whole world changes. 


When one is naturally happy, we see the world differently. We are able to enjoy our relationships, and our bodies are at their best. 


Through the grace of the Great Compassionate Light and through very sacred technologies, you can receive The Gift of Ananda!


Notice the word “receive.” Receiving the gift of bliss does not mean you need to already be happy or understand where happiness comes from. Through the benevolent grace of the Great Compassionate Light you can simply sign-up for this sacred and powerful process preparing you to receive The Gift of Ananda. 


This is a course

for sincere people. 

If you are ready to experience true happiness,

sign up now.


This is not happiness dependent upon things going well for you. This is happiness through your challenges. This is happiness which helps you see the solutions. This is happiness that one needs to thrive in life. This is happiness the world needs now more than ever. 


You are here to receive

The Gift of Ananda!

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Ready to register?

Register with an Organizer Near You...

Gift of Ananda Registration
VR Headset

Break Free of the Matrix

Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns?


It’s not your fault...


The programs in the mind are like the “Matrix” – a silent, hidden controller.


They result in a stressful experience of everyday life.


Unleash Your Inner Brilliance

Thousands have traveled to INDIA to learn these life-changing secrets. Now you can save the expense of an airline ticket and hotel. Learn from the comfort of your own home and start applying these secrets right away. 


Discover True Joy

  • Access the power of Enlightened Masters

  • Break free from deeply ingrained patterns

  • Learn the importance of coherence between thoughts, feelings and results

  • Discover spiritual shortcuts to overcome your biggest challenges

  • Rewire your brain to work for you rather than against you

  • Ignite your supernatural ability to create a new future.

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