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Experience powerful meditations for fulfilling sincere intentions, and mystical processes for accessing the Power of the Divine and the Power of Consciousness. 

Whether you are taking a course or not, you are welcome to come and meditate in the Oneness Field. Campuses are open for your stay so that you can immerse yourself in your meditations in the Oneness Field.


There are visitor hours with meditations for casual visitors who come out of curiosity.  There also are special times for powerful meditations and mystical processes for the serious seekers who stay on campus.

Under the guidance of Sri Krishnaji and Sri Preethaji, the Oneness Field is open to  everyone - rich or poor, skeptic or seeker, first-time meditator or seasoned meditator.  Anyone can experience the power of the phenomenon and contribute to creating a better world.

For more information, please visit:​

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Krishnaji & Preethaji

The construction of Ekam was developed and managed by Sri Krishnaji in honor of the vision of his father Sri Bhagavan.


Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji are two of the most impactful transformational leaders and philanthropists of our time. They have led millions on a profound journey into consciousness, helping them find the healing, joy, relationships, and purpose they are seeking. Through their new and US national best-selling book, The Four Sacred Secrets, the couple offer a life-altering adventure that has inspired a movement towards emotional and personal prosperity.


This powerful couple provides a rare opportunity for all by touring across the U.S., Asia, and Europe and leading students through their teachings otherwise only available at their Field of Abundance retreats or Ekam in India.


Ekam Festivals

Under the leadership of Sri Krishnaji and Sri Preethaji, each year thousands gather to attend three major consciousness festivals: Ekam World Peace Festival, the Ekam Abundance Festival, and the Ekam Enlightenment Festival

Ekam World Peace Festival is a massive movement in consciousness towards peace.  

Ekam Abundance Festival is a gift like no other in the world. It is entering into the world of the miraculous. It is an everyday awakening into the magical and  transcendental.

Ekam Enlightenment Festival is as much for the individual awakenings as it is to speed up the collective awakening of human consciousness. It is to create people who can live enlightened lives and contribute to a world that is more one than divided. It is to create a collective awakening in human consciousness towards peace, inseparability and compassion.


Sacred  Architecture

This mystic field of consciousness is a three- dimensional projection of the Surya Yantra, an ancient and an immensely powerful geometric form, and is created to be the abode of the phenomenon.

The structure of Ekam itself can affect and uplift your consciousness into transcendental realms. Meditating and being part of the processes at Ekam means you are being part of a powerful field that is pushing you into Oneness.

Ekam is one of India’s architectural wonders and towers majestically over the foothills and the vast open plains of the Vellikonda range on the eastern coast of South India, 80km north of the city of Chennai. The main edifice stands 105 feet high on forty-two acres of level land. It is positioned at a point where the earth’s grid lines or energy lines meet creating heightened energy levels. It sits on a powerful energetic vortex.

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