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David's Incredible Transformation - No More Depression, Deep Unfathomable Silence, Love & Compassion

When I was at the lowest point in my life and was extremely depressed in September 2006, I began receiving the Oneness Blessing several times a week for a period of about three months. My depression was cured. And I realized that I had found the answer and a path I wanted to follow. I started my journey into oneness.

I have been to India many times. I have also been to many courses here in the US, and recently started attending the Awakening into the Golden Age 3-day courses. After the last 3-day course was over, I was sitting in my chair and I noticed that there was an incredible amount of silence - which I had not experienced before. With that silence, there was absolutely no thought going on in my mind. And then when the thoughts started flowing, there was no attachment to those thoughts.

Then I looked out of my window and noticed the palm trees that I look at all the time. There was no comment about the palm trees. There was just silence and me experiencing the palm tree. And as I was looking at the palm tree, I realized that it was swaying, and I felt the palm tree swaying. And that was absolutely amazing to me because it was the first time in my life that I had experienced something like this. I go to the supermarket and experience the people who are there. In my past, my mind would judge each person - whether it was how they looked or how they dressed - and now there is absolutely no judgment, no comparison, no criticism. Now there is only love and compassion for my fellow human beings. Being in this state at age 76 is an incredible gift from the Great Compassionate Light. I love my life and I love what this state has done for me. I have never felt so good in my entire life, and I know that I am only in the beginning stages of my growth in this new state. I want to thank Sri AmmaBhagavan and the Great Compassionate Light for the beautiful gift I have received.

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