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A Phenomenal Experience of Wellbeing in the Middle of a War - A Personal Share from Ukraine

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

What would your experience be in a similar situation?

This is the incredible story of Lyudmyla Polischuk from Lutsk, Ukraine.

In her deep connection with Sri Amma Bhagavan, she has been able to bravely endure, and experience peace and compassion for everyone. She moves through her day with the happiness of a child.

Lyudmyla’s focus is on serving those affected. She cooksand serves food toeveryone, including the warriors fighting against Russia’s invasion. She is experiencing freedom from fear. The powerful Presence flowing through her is being transferred to others, giving them strength, courage and faith as well.

The results are the miracles she recounts in this video.

Lyudmyla is a channel through which the grace of Sri Amma Bhagavan flows in many ways. She is an example of what is possible in enlightened states of consciousness.

May Lyudmyla’s experience be an encouragement and blessing to you.

Sri Amma Bhagavan's role is to gift enlightened states and to multiply blessings for those who ask for them. There is no limit to what is possible.

What would you like to receive in your life today?

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