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                                                                  ENLIGHTENED LIFE NOW


A Journey to Enlightenment with

Sri Amma Bhagavan

Receive the Gift of Enlightenment

Be One of the 74,000 People 

Who Will Transform Humanity

End Psychological Suffering and Awaken to the Beauty of Life

Humanity is at a precipice. Global crises, pandemics, conflicts, hunger, poverty, etc., are at an all-time high. The World Health Organization estimates that depression is a common mental disorder affecting more than 264 million people worldwide. The loss of businesses and income over the past two years because of the pandemic has resulted in a lack of security and stability. 

What if you could make a difference for you, your loved ones, and the rest of the world?  What if you could experience an accelerated evolutionary process, transforming your ability to impact those around you? What if you could experience a neurobiological shift that would enable you to affect the consciousness of 100,000 people? 

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Could The Journey Into Enlightenment Be The Key To Unlocking
Your Full Human Potential?

An extraordinary, enlightened life is possible—a life filled with meaning and purpose, in which you have access to a seemingly limitless well of inspiration, wisdom, love and creativity.


For thousands of years, enlightenment has been shrouded in mystery, believed to be accessible only indirectly through decades (or even lifetimes) of repetitive and often tedious practices.


For the first time in human history, enlightenment is happening en masse. More than 5,000 people have been gifted with enlightenment - experiencing boundless joy, causeless love, connection with nature and others, an absence of conflict and inner dialogue. Comparison, judgment of others and suffering are of the past.

Avatars Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, serving as portals to the Great Compassionate Light, can give you direct access to awakened and enlightened consciousness with the power to uplevel your life in ways unimaginable to your former self.


There is no longer the need to wait for enlightenment. You can have An Enlightened You and Enlightened World!

It doesn't take decades of practice to access the miracle of
Enlightened Consciousness!

It’s possible to directly tap into the power and wisdom of The Great Compassionate Light - all the Light Beings who have lived on this planet such as Jesus, Buddha, Maitreya, Rumi and others - right now and allow its grace to infuse every aspect of your life.

Accessing this grace gives us profound intuitive wisdom, deep emotional resilience, genuine empathy, remarkable flexibility, surprising creativity and a host of other extraordinary abilities.

When you experience enlightened consciousness, your life finally begins to make sense. You awaken to a deep and abiding sense of connection, meaning, purpose, and the true nature of all existence.

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There are many ideas about enlightenment. As defined in the 74000 Deeksha Yajna: Enlightened Life Now program, enlightenment is the cessation of the inner dialogue, the end of suffering, the end of the illusion of separation and division, awakening to bliss, experiencing causeless love and limitless joy, and living undisturbed in equanimity. Enlightenment is the awakening to a state beyond past and future, beyond here and hereafter, beyond me and you.


Throughout history, seekers have arduously sought enlightenment…


What if, instead of spending the next 10, 20, or 30 years doing practices, giving up your worldly possessions, and moving to an ashram in an attempt to prepare for enlightenment, you could take a shortcut and access an Enlightened Life Now?

What if, instead of waiting for and postponing enlightenment, you could come into alignment now through a mystical process that opens you to this limitless energy, intelligence, connection, and oneness?

Freedom from the confines of the mind is being gifted by the Great Compassionate Light. This neurobiological shift enables us to access the luminous awareness that is our own true nature.

All that is required is passion and commitment to awaken. The Great Compassionate Light will take care of the rest.  Can you imagine living in joy and bliss with your loved ones everyday?

Once you are enlightened...
Your experience of life will never be the same!


74000 Deeksha Yajna: Enlightened Life Now

An Online Journey to Enlightenment with Sri Amma Bhagavan

We’re excited to announce that a living Avatar in India, Sri Amma Bhagavan, has created a comprehensive  program to prepare you for enlightenment. From the privacy and comfort of your own home, you’ll experience mystical processes and profound insights about our inner world that have already transformed the lives of thousands of people around the globe.