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Thoughts Stopped and Profound Silence Emerged During Moola Mantra Chanting

Updated: May 27, 2022

Zane Shares experience of transcendence chanting the Powerful Moola Mantra

I’ve never had a miracle as a result of chanting the Moola Mantra. At least, I never experienced one until this month. This month of chanting has been incredibly powerful. The cumulative effect of doing this collectively for so many days is amazing and transformative.

I’ve had two very powerful experiences, miracles, during this month of chanting. Both experiences happened recently as the collective chanting has begun to feel like a Peak State Transmission for me.

The experience that I wish to share happened on May 12. As the chanting began, the Mind was not very active. But there were thoughts coming. Thoughts going.

There were, however, two predominant thoughts making their presence known in consciousness. The first thought was: “I wish the chanting was slower because it’s difficult to chant this fast and still breathe and swallow saliva.”

As the chant continued for a few minutes more, the second thought appeared. It was: “I don’t think the chanting is ever going to end.”

The chant continued and those two thoughts started to collide, fighting for attention. The noise they created in the head, each one vying for attention, was getting louder and louder. It was at this point, about three quarters of the way through the chant, that the miracle occurred.

Suddenly, the world changed. Everything seemed to go into slow-motion. The chanting slowed down completely. As did thoughts.

It was as if a curtain of energy had been thrown upon me and I was completely enveloped by it. It was as if a blanket of Silence had engulfed my being.

Thoughts stopped…

... and there was……Silence….

A Silence that words cannot describe.

A Silence filled with exquisite peace.

A Silence filled with incomparable joy.

A Silence filled with immense gratitude.

A Silence which remained for the balance of the chant and for a few more hours before it dissipated. Although the Silence left, it still remains in the sense that it’s more readily accessible now.

I feel blessed to have been given the grace to experience this living miracle. Because this miracle not only happened in the past, but it continues to express itself in my life at any moment.

For this, I give thanks and praise to our beloved Sri Amma Bhagavan, because that is who blessed me with this miracle. Thank you for blessing me with this beauty and this grace. My prayer is that each and every person who reads this, that everyone is blessed to experience this miracle also.

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