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The Precious Little Things Count

Seeing Wealth and Abundance in What We Take For Granted, Experiencing a Constant State of Inner Happiness

These phrases summarize the change that took place in Marika Gnatenko's inner world in her first year of the 74,000 Deeksha Yajna journey with Sri Amma Bhagavan.

Before, she confesses that she was quite negative, very often she felt hurt and angry.

Now, when she thinks about this feeling, she cannot recall or re-experience it.

She no longer remembers. And when someone says something to her that would have infuriated her before, she has the feeling and understands that there is some reason the person acted that way.

She has felt irritated from time to time, but just for a short period of time - just for a moment.

It's amazing how Marika's perception of people, animals and nature has expanded.

Marika's Experience

I feel like all my friends and loved ones are always close to me. And when I meet a stranger for the first time, there's no difference. The feeling is the same as if I've just met a good friend.

And then there's an interesting experience I had. One day I saw a hawk flying into the forest. I looked at the hawk and I felt as if I could go into the hawk.

I saw through the hawk's eyes and I felt very clearly that we were both flying above those trees. I saw the sight it saw. This was a very miraculous thing!

I live on the beach and oftentimes I walk along the sea. Now I can fly together with the birds above the sea. I can see and feel what the bird is feeling: the ease of a flight.

I also have some big trees outside my window. I feel like I can melt into those trees as one. I can feel the feeling of a tree. I can feel how it sways in the wind and I can see the view the tree sees.

These are everyday things that generate a constant feeling of inner happiness - as if everything is so good and soon something miraculous will happen again. It's a great experience like this all the time.

I'm sure these experiences are possible for everyone.

I thank Sri Amma Bhagavan from my heart that my life has become so easy and that these miraculous changes happen to me every day.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Create Paradise on Earth

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