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Gratitude is Connected to the Heart and Makes the Brain Function Better

Sri Bhagavan Says It Also Supports Awakening and Brings Faster Spiritual Progress

As gratitude fills our inner world, waves of abundance like the butterfly effect ripple out to life near and far. Residing in the generous stream of gratitude, more and more arrives for which to be grateful.

“Gratitude is the mother of all feelings. It is the highest expression of emotion within human consciousness. The universe is structured to naturally respond to the needs and desires of a grateful individual. It is only a person with gratitude who can hold a vision and lead it to completion, since his brain and nervous system are then wired differently.

He discovers love in relationships and a greater connection with the Higher Consciousness,” says Sri Bhagavan.

What Gratitude Shows About the Heart

See, the universe is so structured that if somebody has helped you in some way and you express gratitude, that means the heart is functioning. If the heart is functioning, you will naturally express gratitude. If there is no gratitude, it means something is wrong with the heart. So, first thing is if there is no gratitude, you must see what is wrong with your heart. When gratitude comes, the heart sends out a signal which is received by the person who has helped you. And when that person has received that signal, what happens is much more blessings come to you from that person.

The Affect of Gratitude on the Brain

Sri Bhagavan goes on to explain how gratitude supports awakening, “I always maintain that awakening is a neurobiological process. When you go into a state of gratitude, the brain itself functions as a much better instrument, which, in turn, proves very helpful in raising the states of consciousness.

“If there is no gratitude, the brain as an organ becomes an inferior organ, and it does not really help. When you are grateful, those people who have helped you, in some sense have received this gratitude, and you will get blessings from them, which, in turn, will help your process. In the actual experience, we have found that people who have a sense of gratitude move much faster than those who do not have a sense of gratitude.”

What are you grateful for? Take time to list all the things you have to be grateful for today. Express the gratitude you feel towards others. You are not only supporting their happiness and wellbeing, you are helping yourself as well.

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