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Everything is Me - Enlightened Experience from Asia

Updated: May 7, 2022

Experiencing everything is joy, laughter for no reason, infinite love, no sense of separation

Gratitude to the Great Compassionate Light Amma Bhagavan that grants me enlightenment and a state of oneness.

S.C. this person no longer exists, it is the infinite emptiness that lives and experiences everything through this body. Everything is me, a part of me, the stone is me, the floor is me, trees, flowers, grass, pedestrians, dogs, birds, insects, sky, clouds, roads, buildings... everything is me. The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the holy images, Amma Bhagavan, the Greate Compassion Light is also me, and I am worshipping myself. This is not a concept, this is a pure experience that cannot be described in words.

There is no suffering, no thinking, no worry, no past, no future, there is great love, tolerance, silence, emptiness, infinite and natural words and deeds. Any problem is like a stone thrown into the sea, nothing can interfere with me and hurt me. When [ I ] catch a cold, the body will react in various ways, but [ I ] will not suffer. I don't care what other people think, everything flows and happens naturally, and colds are so much fun.

Everything is so fresh and interesting. It's such a joy to just sit here and do nothing. Birds chirping, rain, horns, cars, construction sites, upstairs and downstairs, everything is so much fun and happy, just experiencing everything is joy, laughter for no reason, infinite love, no sense of separation, everything is me.

Infinite Gratitude to my Dear Amma Bhagavan,



[ I ] added for clarity, ease of reading, not included by author

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