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Amazing Miracle - Honey Flowing from Sacred Rocks at Satyaloka

Sri Amma Bhagavan describes how the honey phenomenon is affecting people

In a recent 74000 Deeksha Yajna class, Enlightenment Avatar Sri Amma Bhagavan, shared that the power of the phenomenon has increased considerably, marking increased momentum towards an inner Golden Age and an end to human suffering. At Satyaloka, a sacred campus in India, where prayers, rituals and fire ceremonies are performed, two sacred rocks - the Golden Rock and the Miracle Rock - have begun producing honey in a magnitude not seen previously.

The Golden Rock has always been at the Satyaloka campus where Sri Amma Bhagavan spent considerable time meditating. Over the years people have experienced miracles connected with the Golden Rock. The Miracle Rock got its name because a sculptor was about to sculpt it and then it began to weep. He was terrified, and he said: ‘I can’t work on this piece of rock.’ He took the rock to Satyaloka. Since that time, prayers and offerings have been made to the Miracle rock. Many people who attended processes at Satyaloka experienced miracles. Now both the Golden Rock and the Miracle Rock are pouring out honey.

Sri Amma Bhagavan said, "A vast number of people came, and they took a little bit of it and they consumed it and they went and lay down, because our whole technique is lying down. And when they got up, for all of them the mind had withered away." He continued, "Thoughts had stopped. And it has been continuously going on. Thoughts come in only when required, not otherwise. But thoughts still do not create a thinker. They come, thinking is going on, but it is not producing a thinker. And there is no suffering whatsoever."

Sri Amma Bhagavan also shared that some people who came there bought Sri Murthis (sacred images) actually, touched the rock with them and took them home. And from there, again honey, turmeric powder, kumkum (red powder) and vibhuti (sacred ash), all began to come out of the Sri Murthi. Others bought kalashams (sacred vessels), touched the kalasham to the rocks and took them back home, and the kalasham were producing large amounts of honey.

People were able to see this phenomenon first hand in the homes of devotees - that is the honey coming out or turmeric coming out or vibhuti or kumkum, all these things.

Sri Amma Bhagavan said, "All took a little of it. Seeing it, they took it. Not without seeing it. Seeing it happen, they took it. And they just lay down because people gave them permission in their homes to lie down. And they got up again, same thing - thoughts stopped. No thinker and filled with enormous peace and joy and their state is almost permanent... This is a phenomenon which has started in India. It's a huge leap.

"And also, we found, that when honey is taken, what they get, the process is different. When they take the sacred ash, it is different. When they take the turmeric or the kumkum, again it is different.

"For example, when you take the honey, a lot of physical ailments are healed very very fast. And depression is almost instantly gone. When they take the white ash, the thinker is gone. Completely shut down and the mind withers away very fast. If they take that kumkum, they are having a life review, a full life review. And when they wake up, they are no more the same person. So, each of these products are producing different effects.

"And none of them can be found anywhere on the planet. So, of course we know from where they come, they are downloaded from somewhere else, I am not telling you that...but not from this planet. And the honey is medicated honey. It is not the normal honey we buy on earth. That is why it heals people very very fast. So, this kind of phenomenon has started," said Sri Amma Bhagavan.

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