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A Beautiful Enlightened Consciousness Replaces An Easily Triggered, Unstable Mind

As I sit here to write about my experience of receiving the profound blessings from the 74,000 Deeksha Yajna course, I find it difficult to express in words what has happened to me.

Nothing in this world can prepare one for the freedom of an open heart. Nothing. A gift from the heart of Bhagavan, this mystical path is nothing short of touching the Lotus Feet of the Most High.

It's like finding a diamond within an opening lotus. The sunlight of existence shining from above...pure simmering laughter and love. Several things have begun shimmering with the light of this diamond as of late. The most profound being an unchanging state of Witnessing that I have never before felt.

Over the years, I've had many fleeting experiences of Bliss and detachment, but this time it's different. I am changed.

With recent times bringing an undisputable Ascension and change of guard on our beautiful planet, I've been experiencing an onslaught of challenges and even some forces that wish to do me harm.

I am free, happy and unchanged by theft of financial, and physical resources. Betrayals and slander have done nothing to change my inner state. I am seeing it all without care or worry.

The elimination of the typically triggered, unstable thinking mind, has opened a GREAT boon in life! Beyond optimism and circumstantial happiness, I find an experience of dancing freely through the meadows of now.

Doors are opening everywhere I look and freedom is the sunlight on my face, open to the sky of living potential.

In this space of unexpected wonderment, there is no suffering, no carry over, no conflict, no comparison, no hurt, no charge, no guilt, fear or judgments.

Indeed the list that was given before entering the program, is true to the core. There is no turning back now, no wish to return to a life of problems, worries and pain. Why?

My hands are at the Sacred feet of Bhagavan for his endless love. My heart is with all the beings who live as perfect examples of this freedom.

My wish is that all who read this message become free as the wind.

All glory and gratitude to the Lotus feet of that which is most high! All glory to Sri. Amma Bhagavan!

In loving Devotion,

Jason K., USA

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